Frequently Asked Questions


Pinnacle Pointe DUI and Driving Schools strives to ensure a first-class experience for each and every student that allows us the opportunity to assist in obtaining their educational goals.   In the event that you have an issue or a matter that requires personal attention, please give us a call so that we can assist in ensuring a first class experience.   You may reach us at 678-545-4144 or email:

There is no charge to cancel lessons outside of the 24-hour window.   Cancellations occurring within 24 hours of the scheduled session will incur a $40 cancellation fee.

All students are required to utilize Drivescout for scheduling sessions.  In the event that the student has scheduling issues, assistance will be provided by our staff to ensure a satisfactory training date.

Road test appointments will be done via telephone or email to our offices to ensure proper coordination with the instructor and the Department of Driver Services (DDS).

All students are required to conduct themselves in a polite manner that encourages a positive and safe learning environment.   Learning to drive is rewarding but also dangerous.

Negative or bad behavior will not be tolerated.   In the event of behavior issues, the lesson will be terminated and remaining funds will be forfeited.

The following information is provided to ensure that all testers have the correct information and documentation for their DDS road test.    Please contact Pinnacle Pointe DUI and Driving Schools if you have any additional questions:


16-year-old on the day of testing require the 30 hour Drivers Education certificate,  school enrollment form, and ADAP certificate.

17-year-old on the day of testing require a school enrollment form and ADAP certificate,

18 and older students only require their permit.


Documentation used to obtain your permit will be required to obtain your driver’s license.


Please complete the DDS Skip A Step process prior to the day of testing.   This will speed up the process upon arrival at the DDS.  The Skip A Step page may be found here

A picture ID is required for all students.  No exceptions.  Defensive Driver classes are conducted from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm everyday.    The doors will be locked promptly at 9:00.  It is HIGHLY recommended that students arrive no later than 8:45 am.  Classes are conducted at 6703 Shannon Pkwy #11, Union City, GA 30291 .   Classes are conducted in 50-minute increments with a 10-minute break given each hour.   A one-hour lunch break is given after the completion of the 3rd hour of instruction.  Students are allowed to eat and drink in the classroom.  There are several restaurants located within a mile from the school.  All students will receive their printed DDS completion certificate at the end of class.   Please call 678-545-4144 for additional information.

We post our schedule on a weekly basis. Visit our page  to see our weekly schedule. Our classes are friday through sunday. Call us at 678-545-4144 to schedule your appointment.

The Joshua’s Law classes are part of a self-paced curriculum. The student has the ability to complete the program in the comfort of his/her home. At the end of the course, a certificate of completion will be provided. 

We love our customers!!   If you have an issue, please give us a call to resolve your concerns.   In the event of a cancellation request, 10% of all training tuition is non-refundable.  The Wiser Driver provides a refund for all orders placed within 7 days of the purchase or before the start of the first lesson whichever comes first.  After the refund open period, there are no refunds.   A credit will be provided for use for up to two years.    This credit may be gifted or transferred to a family member or friend provided they have a valid permit.

Refund requests within the prescribed time will be returned in the same manner as received with the exception of cash.  Cash payments will be returned in the form of a check.   Refunds will be returned and processed within 21 working days from the date of the refund request.

Lesson time starts when the driver arrives at the designated pickup location and ends when the student is dropped off at their dropoff location.

Tardiness will count toward the instruction time for the student.